10 signs to understand your cat behavior

We adore cats; these witty are among the most popular house pets on the planet. Humans believe that after all these years of keeping cats in their homes, they have a complete understanding of feline behavior, but this is not always the case.
So, in this top 10, we will discuss cat signs that you should be aware of. Continue reading till the end because number 10 will surprise you.

1.Belly Exposure


Why do cats expose their tummies? Cats frequently turn over, roll on their backs, and expose their furry bellies. All cat owners have experienced this moment, but few understand why their cats do so. Most owners believe their cats simply want them to stroke their tummies, but in some cases, such human behavior can be met with aggression. The thing is that a cat is happy and relaxed when it stretches its back and rolls over, but sometimes this pose is followed by fully extended claws and sharp teeth, so intense stroking will be misinterpreted as an attack. It is difficult to mix up these signals on practice if you know your pet well, but if you don’t know the animal, it is better to think twice before touching it.


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