12 Common Errors That Can Affect Cholesterol Level


3). Avoiding the Wrong Foods

You must, after all, avoid meals that boost cholesterol levels. Always keep in mind what you’re eating. First, learn about different forms of high-protein diets. One egg is high in protein and other necessary components; however, it should not be consumed with a glass of whole milk. Also, low-fat cheese rather than full-fat cheese is a good substitute. It’s critical to keep eating your favorite foods while still working to lower your cholesterol intake.


4). Not Getting Enough Exercise

Dieting alone is insufficient, and everyone should incorporate exercise into their routine. It makes no difference how busy you are; simply set aside a few minutes for exercise and notice the change. Simply increase your physical activity and consume a healthy diet to lower your LDL cholesterol. Medications help lower cholesterol levels, but a good diet and exercise are the most important factors in lowering high cholesterol.

5). Medications with Grapefruit Juice

Although it’s understandable that grapefruit juice was part of your meal, taking drugs with juice can prevent statins from being absorbed. Remember to seek medical advice, as grapefruit juice has an impact on your health and cholesterol levels. Take the drink first thing in the morning, but don’t take any prescriptions with it.