5 Signs You’re Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard, and 5 Ways to Improve your technique



Teeth That Are Sensitive
Teeth That Are Sensitive


If you’ve had sensitive teeth in the past and found relief from medicated toothpaste or dental procedures, but the sensitivity returns every few weeks. Brushing too hard or too frequently tears away the protective enamel coating on the tooth, exposing sensitive nerves to cold and hot temperatures. If your tooth enamel is damaged, oral health professionals will be able to notice immediately away and provide you advice on how to cure it.

Tooth sensitivity is another negative effect of forceful brushing. If you notice that your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold, as well as sweet meals, it’s possible that you’re brushing too hard. However, it’s possible that it’s related to anything else, so chat with our experts to be careful. At the very least, we can suggest better brushing practices and a good sensitive formula toothpaste.