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8 destinations to do yoga and to recharge your batteries

We travel for many reasons: to discover, to learn, to meet new people, to have fun, or sometimes to prove something to ourselves. But for most travelers, the main reason for the trip is the search for well-being. And for that, practicing yoga abroad is a great idea!

Some destinations, because of their characteristics (landscapes, history, culture, etc.) are better suited than others to accommodate amateur or experienced yogis, offering all the elements necessary for a stay under the sign of relaxation and harmony .

If you want to take advantage of your next vacation to practice yoga and discover a new country or a new region, here is our selection of 8 ideal destinations to recharge your batteries.

1. Tulum, Mexico


Located near Playa del Carmen on the Mexican Caribbean shore, Tulum was once home to thatched-roof huts. Today only turquoise beaches, dense forest and superb Mayan ruins remain. It is a very popular destination with vacationers who appreciate the paradisiacal landscapes as well as the many hotels dedicated to well-being where yoga is practiced while listening to the sound of the waves …

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