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Everything you need to know before buying Nutrigo Lab Burner

Some athletes may complain that they still have fat mass after continuous training. Their weight cannot then decrease. Food is therefore the last resort. However, a drastic diet is not always enough. Food supplements such as Nutrigo Lab Burner then intervene. This inexpensive product works in particular by burning fat. It has obvious effects on the body. As a supplement, there are still some important details to know about it. Then see the few details presented in the rest of this article about these healthy pills.

The best prices – How to buy Nutrigo Lab Burner?

The Nutrigo Lab Burner supplement is available directly from the manufacturer’s website. It is offered at the price of 49 euros. Since it is not a drug, if you can find it in pharmacies, you will not need a doctor’s prescription to get it. If you look for it on a specialized forum, you will find that you will be referred to the manufacturer’s site. Resellers may offer this product, but the warranty is not guaranteed. Also, the price may be higher than that on the official website.

Be aware that if you decide to buy it online, the procedures are quite straightforward. In addition, the manufacturer puts at your disposal a rather interesting offer. Indeed, in the event that you obtain 2 bottles, the third is offered to you. Being a natural product whose sale is perfectly legal, it is not difficult to acquire it.

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The benefits of Nutrigo Lab Burner for the body

Nutrigo Lab Burner is involved in the majority of fat-related processes in the body. Thus, this product contributes to weight loss, but also to the refinement of the silhouette. Thanks to its effective composition, it improves the metabolism of these fats. They are then easily eliminated from the body.

In addition to this, their storage in the body is blocked. This will prevent your weight from increasing again. Another of the benefits of this food supplement is its action on carbohydrates. Their metabolism is increased. Thus, the blood sugar level is maintained at an optimal level. In the same vein, Nutrigo Lab Burner reduces the urge to snack and even reduces appetite. This enhances the weight control effect.

These pills are the subject of excellent user reviews for their benefits. High-level athletes benefit from the perfect build for their discipline. Whether it is a sport requiring strength or endurance, the results of taking this product are very fast. The weight loss is not only done in a short time, the lost mass is also impressive as confirmed by many reviews. The quality of this loss is also optimal.


How does Nutrigo Lab Burner work?

Nutrigo Lab Burner works on several fronts. Its main target is fat cells. The active ingredients contained in this supplement allow the release of fatty acids in the body. Their combustion provides a boost of energy to the body thus allowing to provide more effort during the training, thus burning even more fat.

This virtuous circle is all the more effective as these fats are broken down and eliminated from the tissues. This whole process is not just one-off. The formula of this fat burner indeed includes an element that supports this lipid metabolism.

These are not only reduced. Nutrigo Lab Burner prevents the production of these fatty acids. Digestion improved by this product allows better assimilation of nutrients, but also eliminates unwanted elements. Thanks to certain ingredients in this supplement, your desire to eat is also reduced. This is due in part to the acceleration and improvement of the metabolism of sugars. Their presence is also maintained at a good level in the blood.

The difference before and after taking these capsules can be considerable. Indeed, you can lose up to 9 kg in just 1 month.

The dosage

As it is a dietary supplement, taking Nutrigo Lab Burner is mainly based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. He thus advises to take 2 pills per day. Each intake should ideally be done 30 minutes before a workout or before a meal. One box contains 60 capsules. Therefore, it is sufficient for a 30-day treatment.

This product is primarily intended for use by professional athletes. They sometimes need to maintain a given weight, like those who practice combat sports. Their silhouette matters too. Thus, this dose is particularly recommended to them. If you are more of an amateur in this field, it is best to seek the advice of an expert. The amount to take may therefore vary depending on your body type and physical condition.

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Composition of Nutrigo Lab Burner

Nutrigo Lab Burner has been specially formulated for effective results. It is made up of 6 main ingredients, half of which are patented products.

The first is Sinetrol® Xpur. From the company Fytexia, it contains extracts of citrus fruits such as grapefruit and orange. Guarana is also included in its constitution. In all, this ingredient contains 20% flavonoids. It is responsible, among other things, for the decrease in adipocytes.

The second patented element that makes up this food supplement is Citrin®. This is Malabar tamarind extract. This fruit is rich in hydroxycitric acid or HCA. This substance enhances the feeling of satiety, reduces the synthesis of lipids and makes effective use of sugars.

The last patented ingredient is Bioperine® which is a concentrate obtained from black pepper. This improves the absorption of nutrients.

These components come together in one inexpensive product. They are supplemented with extract of turmeric, raspberry and chromium. These ingredients of plant origin have a high concentration of active ingredients. These are curcuminoids for the first and ketones for the second. They all work together to combat the buildup of fat. Chromium in particular controls the level of sugars. All of these ingredients are combined in one gelatin capsule. This facilitates their taking and consequently the treatment.


Side effects of Nutrigo Lab Burner

The formulation of this food supplement has been put in place to bring only benefits to the body. You therefore do not risk developing side effects by consuming this product. You can see the reviews on a forum to confirm this harmlessness.

However, there are still some precautions to take. Indeed, the azorubine contained in Nutrigo Lab Burner can have negative consequences on children. You should also be careful not to lose too much mass too quickly. In order to avoid this, you must maintain a balanced diet before and after taking this supplement.

Nutrigo Lab Burner is primarily designed for athletes. It is therefore necessary to accompany the consumption of this supplement with physical exercises. And since it’s easy to buy it online, anyone can get it. Still, it is necessary to seek the advice of specialists and adhere to the prescribed doses.


The forums are a veritable mine of information about the effectiveness of the Nutrigo Lab Burner. The various users, in particular the athletes, give their opinion. The majority of them indeed note a positive outcome to the consumption of this product. Their reviews mention better shaped muscles due to fat loss.

Weight loss, on the other hand, varies from person to person, but in general, it is still quite visible. Consumers particularly appreciate the absence of controversial ingredients or those that could be harmful to health. The label contains the exhaustive list of each of them.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: Where can I get Nutrigo Lab Burner?

Nutrigo Lab Burner can be purchased directly from its manufacturer. This purchase is therefore made online. Other sites like Amazon can also offer it. However, the majority of them put a link going directly to the official site.

It is best to get this supplement from a trusted supplier, in a pharmacy for example. However, the price, but above all the quality can be affected. You should also check the conditions of sale. This concerns in particular the quantities and any delivery costs.


Q2: Who can consume Nutrigo Lab Burner?

Originally, this product was developed for athletes. Indeed, it is the athletes who often need to burn fat mass. This inexpensive product therefore comes in addition to an intense and regular training, but also a suitable diet. This supplement is also suitable for people who want to limit their weight while refining their figure.

You should know that Nutrigo Lab Burner is not a substitute for a balanced diet or physical exercise. Its consumption is reserved for adults. If you are not allergic to any of the components, you can also take it. However, you should first seek advice from your doctor.

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