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Tips And Tricks For Make Money Selling Self-Portrait Photos

Make Money Selling Photos Online
Make Money Selling Photos Online

Make money selling your photos via social media

To earn money from selling pictures, it is possible to use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

You may also sell your images on marketplaces like Etsy and Shutterstock.

Upload photos using hashtags to social media platforms for greater exposure and the possibility of sales.


Shutterstock is a secure and safe platform that lets you upload, sell and even share images.

To be eligible, you must first qualify through either earning enough points or purchasing at Shutterstock.

There are two ways to earn money by achieving success levels and licensing your work.

Foap was featured on ABC News as a lucrative app for selling photos. The users earn 50% of the revenue even when major brands like Sony and MasterCard purchase their pictures.

Customer service representatives at Foap are accessible 24 hours a day throughout the year.

It is unique and gives photographers more opportunities in competitions than other platforms.

It is believed that it is used and trusted by some of the biggest brands like Nivea, Volvo, and Heineken, to mention some.

Foap is an organizing and sharing application that lets users upload, share and search for photos.

Users can search through various categories like photography, design, and food.

Foap gives users the option to save images from being used later or share them with friends via social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.


There is also a place to sell online photos by uploading selfies or other photos on their market.

The benefit of selling on Fiverr is its exposure to its community of buyers who are looking to buy images and other art.

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Fiverr Summary


Printify is a site that allows users to sell prints of selfies they have taken.

Print prints of your photos for $10 each. You will receive 50percent of your proceeds.

You’ll have to submit your unique perspective of the photograph and, if it is accepted, you will be awarded a prize for at least $100.

Clashot, operated by Deposit Photos, is another application that will help you earn money by selling selfies pictures. The photos can be sold for $10 and get half of your sales.


To begin selling your photographs, You must first apply for and then be accepted as a contributor.

The amount you earn is contingent on two elements the quality of your service and the traffic volume.

PhotoShelter gives you the tools to create your store and market photographs on your terms, Starting at $10/month, with an initial 14-day trial period after the trial expires.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a stock photography platform you can make money by taking photos of yourself.

If someone buys the image, Adobe will send you an email immediately about the purchase.

Sell your photos online using Adobe Stock.

When you begin selling stock images through Adobe Stock, the amount of freedom you get is incredible.

You could even sell your photos to other companies since Adobe Stock does not require you to grant them exclusive rights to sell your photos.

The typical profit is 33%.

Adobe Stock is a stock photo and video hosting service designed by Adobe Systems.

It gives users access to more than a million high-resolution pictures and videos from all over the globe, and tools for editing, compressing and previewing files, as well as sharing them.

Files can be downloaded free or by Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription service.

The company was established in 2006 and since then has been expanding to include products for marketing, design media creation, and business intelligence.

Adobe Stock is popular among designers due to its royalty-free images and videos created by professionals who are registered to the service.

Adobe Stock is a collection of images, videos, and designs available on digital websites and other platforms.

Adobe Stock can be used for personal use as well as commercial companies.

There are several types of licenses to Adobe Stock, including Personal, Commercial, Pro Plus, and Enterprise licenses.

To use Adobe Stock content in your digital work, you’ll require Adobe Stock. You can download the Adobe Stock app or create an account in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

You can also search for Adobe Stock content on the internet using a search engine such as “AdobeStock” or using the “Browse” feature in the Creative Cloud Desktop app.”

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons is an excellent alternative to sell selfies online if you’re not concerned about other people editing or re-editing the images before purchasing the photos.

Flickr is a great option to sell your selfies to make money since it’s simple to use, safe and easily accessible.

With more than six million customers and more than six million users, there’s no better site online to sell photographs.

Another alternative could be Creative Market, which allows you to earn money snapping photos of yourself using your phone.

It is possible to upload as many pictures as you like with Creative Market, also having plenty of amazing photography tools you can modify and market your photos.


Sellfy is a completely free marketplace online that lets users sell digital items.

Earn money through advertising or by selling physical goods.

The sign-up process takes just about a minute, and there are no costs to use Sellfy.


Create an account on their site for no cost, and begin uploading your photos as soon as you can.

You can earn money online via TourPhotos by selling your photos and blogging.

Tour Photos is a great website for tourists, and you can also sell your image for free or earn cash for it. The charges are based on a commission of 20% from every photo.

Each photo is worth around $10. You also get to keep 50% of the sales; foap charges cover the remainder!


Crestock is selling and sharing of photos website with an easy-to-use interface.

Earn points when someone looks at your portfolio, purchases images from you, or talks to you regarding licensing your images.

Additionally, you can earn points in various ways like receiving feedback, helping others, and much more!

Rates for royalty is calculated using an increasing scale, based on the total number of photos sold after joining Crestock, with rates ranging from 20% to 40 percent commission.


Earn money by selling selfies online without any limitations.

You can choose who will use your images.


Alamy is a website that allows users to upload images to share with others and sell the rights to use them.

You can earn money by uploading your photos and selling them to other people.

You may also be paid to take pictures of your pets or kids and upload them to the internet.

Alamy is an excellent option to sell photos.

Alamy offers a direct purchase option that does not require credit cards or subscriptions.

Alamy is a site for stock photography that takes a smaller cut than other sites, which means photographers earn more.

Alamy has not much of a community element, and photographers don’t receive much attention through the site.

Alamy offers more than $100 million to photographers who contribute.

Alamy is a worldwide image agency that helps users share and discover the world’s most beautiful images.

Alamy gives editors the ability to access millions of high-quality images across the globe so that they can locate the ideal image for any project or story.

Alamy provides users with an array of tools for customizing their search experiences, such as filtering, engines for search, and tags.

If you require high-quality images for your blog, website or posts on social media, Alamy is the ideal solution!

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iStock Photo

iStock Photo is a micro-stock photo agency that offers royalty-free and rights-managed images.

You’ll need to undergo an approval procedure before they can publish your images for sale on their site.

Images are required to be used in various ways for advertising campaigns and books, magazines and even websites. This means there’s always a need for top-quality stock images.

There are a variety of photo sites that you can choose from. Make sure you go through them all!

iStock is a stock photography firm that provides users with licensed photos and videos of individuals and objects.

Users can search using keywords and filter results by the format (jpeg PNG, gif, etc.)) or browse the most recent submissions.

Images are sold through the online store of iStock or in commercial products.

Payments are processed through PayPal or bank transfer direct.

Images can be cropped or edited before the sale to create an even better product for customers.

Getty Images

Getty Images is one of the biggest stock photo agencies around the globe.

They welcome submissions from videographers, photographers and digital artists to allow them to sell their photos online through this site.

You’ll require a UPC or ISBN to sell images through Getty Images because it’s mandatory for most companies that purchase images for resale.

Getty Images offers between 15 percent and 20% commissions for royalty-free photos.

To be a member of Getty Images, you’ll first have to download the mobile application and fill out their application.

You must be at least 18 years old and upload original photos, diagrams, videos or vectors to be contributors. Once your content is accepted, you can choose to donate or grant a license to your content.

Exclusive images can earn you cash. You can also keep track of your earnings once customers purchase the right to utilize your content, and Getty images pay you each time a customer chooses your content.

Your content will be worth between $300 and $500 once Getty is satisfied with your submission.

Getty costs you between $20 and $30 per month on the actual price of the sales. There is no way to know how often photos are sold.

Getty Images is a large and well-known photography website.

The payout rates are less than the other sites listed on this list. However, Getty Images offers more opportunities to be seen than most other sites.

Getty Images has a large audience, which allows for ample exposure.

Getty Images offers a range of services related to content.

The services are utilized to create and distribute videos and images.

Getty Images offers a variety of tools to let you easily post your images and videos on the web.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon’s marketplace could be an excellent location to sell your art selfies.

You can opt to upload just your selfies or upload pictures and specify if they will be available for download as digital files or printed items on other products.


It is an online marketplace that allows selling online photos.

You can earn money from the images you sell on this website through royalty (a proportion of sales).

If someone wishes to feature your image on their blog, website, or blog, they must pay a fee for royalty to you.


CanStockPhoto is a great platform to sell selfies on the internet.

You can filter your search according to keyword and category to ensure that only pictures related to your product will be shown.

CanStockPhoto is a fantastic opportunity to earn money since you can quickly and conveniently.

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